Does Your Friend Have An Ecommerce Brand That Needs More Traffic, Credibility, Better SEO, & Conversions?

Help Them Get Their Brand Published in 100+ News Websites


Get $50 To Your PayPal for Every Friend

Advertising is expensive, while building trust online is getting very difficult. Help your friends get published to increase their trust so that they maximize their chances of getting more customers.

On average 75% of new visitors will leave your website due to a lack of credibility. Getting
“As Seen On NBC, FOX, CBS” will boost your conversion rates instantly.

Increase Conversion Rate

Displaying “Featured in” or “As Seen In” has increased the conversion rate for our clients by at least 0.3%

High Authority Domains

Google ranks better the websites that have links from other high authority websites. Each article will have 1-2 links back to your website. All the links are from trustworthy websites.

Overcome The Trust Objection

With the rising number of competitors’ websites, getting published on highly trusted websites helps with overcoming the potential buyers’ trust issues.

Smarter Choice Than Ads

With the same amount spent on ads, you’ll only get 300-800 clicks, 98% of them leave without buying, they go back to Facebook or Instagram and forget about your brand, because in 5 minutes they see other 20+ ads.

Preselling On News Websites

The article written about your brand will create trust & pre-sell, people coming will be more educated about your brand and trust you more. When people read about you in the news, they remember longterm.

Featured Forever

The article published on all websites will not get deleted in the next weeks or months. It will stay there, so you can keep “As Seen In” on your store forever.

How It Works

Step 1: We write a newsworthy article about your business
(e-commerce or any other)

Or you can provide us your own. The article will talk about your business and what you have to offer.

Step 2: Your article gets published on 100+ news sites

We send your article to our wide network of news sites & tv stations including affiliates of NBC, FOX, CBS.

Step 3: You can now write “Featured On NBC, FOX, CBS”

This is the Unfair Advantage that Savyy marketers are using for years

Affordable Packages – Q3 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I order?

We will receive all the information about your brand and press release article using our order form. You can also give us links and a photo of the cover. It will take 2-4 business days to receive a full PDF report with all live links. One press release will be published on 100+ news and media sites, including the FOX, NBC, USA Today, and CBS networks. You will be able to chat with our team and get the order status updates using ecomrolodex.com 

Why EcomBrandPR?

You do have the option to reach out to each news station individually, but most likely you won’t get published because they typically only work with clients who can provide a bulk number of articles per month. It would take you many months / years to get your press release published in over 100 new sites from scratch.

We have optimized our service for eCommerce brands and we know the exact structure of the news and we have connections with reporters. The media websites where your brand will be published have readers who shop online and like to read about new online stores.

Does It Work For Any Brand?

It works for most websites except for the prohibited content. You can check our full FAQs to see the content that can’t be accepted.

Traffic / SEO

How much traffic will I get?

A press release will typically get over 100 visits within the first day, and 1000+ over time. That means free organic traffic (and more sales) to your website.

Is this service good for SEO? Will it help my website rank better on Google?

Getting backlinks from authority news websites will definitely improve your search engine rankings. You get better online visibility and traffic that will promote your brand name.

How much traffic do news websites get?

Some news sites where you’ll be published get over 10 million readers per month. Most of the websites are USA-based, but in the higher package, you can get Country/State targeted PR (ex. Australia, UK, Canada, etc. ).


What do you need to write the article?
  • Topic – what will be the focus of the article
  • Website link – here we’ll be able to get more information used for the article
  • Business Contact Info – this information will be published in the article so that readers and other reporters can get in touch with you.

All you need to do is complete this 4-step order form and we’ll have all the info needed. 

You can also submit 1 image and up to 5 links (including 1 YouTube video link).

Will I see the article before it gets published?

Yes, after our writers complete the article you’ll receive the first draft. Then you send us your revisions and then it is submitted to our network of media sites to be published.


Can I put "as seen on" or "featured in" in my social media and marketing materials?

Yes! You will be able to advertise that on social media, on your store, in your ads, etc. This creates social proof, authority, and liking which you need to convert more sales.

Will I appear on CBS, NBC, and FOX?

Yes, your article will be published in CBS, NBC, USA Today, and FOX networks. However, not on the main website, because websites like nbc.com are reserved for national headlines.

What This Is NOT

We’re not one of those agencies doing outreach or charging $200-$500 for 1 link. 
You get guaranteed publishing or money back.

Research of Potential Publishing

Hiring an agency of PR is risky investment because 99% will say they will do outreach for you.  This means you may or MAY NOT get published, and it would take months to even get a few publications. We offer modern PR services with faster and guaranteed deliverables.

Long Approval Process and Slow Results

This means we will not come back to you with excuses that this could not be published, or that every sentence needs to be changed. Our services are delivered between 4 to 7 days since ordered.

Work for CBS, FOX, NBC

We don’t work for these media websites, we have a network of connections that makes publishing of your brand possible on multiple high-authority, trusted websites at once.

Get access to hundreds of thousands of consumers on highly trusted media sites



Monthly Readers


Max Authority


Bonus Step: Display in Ads, Social Media, & on the website "As Seen On CBS, FOX, NBC, USA Today & more" to see a conversion boost.

Most clients who used our PressForWeb services and included the reference in the ads,
reported a higher CTR (click-through rate) which lowered the ad cost.

Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee your article will get published in our network of over 300 websites or you will get 100% money back*. This includes affiliates of NBC, CBS, FOX, USA Today, Market Watch, and Digital Journal.

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